Why take a punch in the face every morning?

Welcome to Quick Jabs

Jay Horne’s Quick Jabs is one-round knock-out writing straight to your box.

Some articles are head-ringers and others are whiffs, but pound the mat and squirt water in my mouth and I will always get back up.

Don't worry, I can only bug you as fast as I can write.

Quick Jabs starts your day out right.
No brass knuckles, but no gloves either.
Just fast writing that makes you think and gets your brain working in one-round.

It’s like a micro-dose of mushroom coffee to spark your morning creativity.

And what’s best is, sometimes there’s a real 12-round championship, and if we get a knockout, we can all benefit from the victory.

That means, my first advance is our first advance!
Come be my Mickey and inspire me. Share in my victories and I will share the spoils, you’ve got my word if you’ve got my back.

It takes a team.

Stay up-to-date

I’m asking you to be my Mickey, slapping the mat and squirting water down my throat.

The writing is coming at you, like it or not.
Sometimes I’m gonna prevail, and at others I will bleed. But, my promise to you is, that I will always get up.
That’s where you come in.

You won’t have to worry about missing anything if you’re in my corner cheering or egging me on.

Join the crew

Together we can do this.
But that’s what I’ve been saying all my life.
Who wants to enter Heaven all alone?

We rise to the occasion, and go down fighting.