Basic Instincts

What is truly our base?

What is truly our base?

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I recently read a post from a computer programmer who used to sell code on the net.

He said it was a good experience in gauging how humans might react when they obtained everything they ever wanted. His watching the creation of a virtual utopia gave him the insight to say,

“Once everyone had unlimited virtual money and such, most of the players just wanted simulated sex and things of that nature.”

He said, “I tend to think that real life might be the same, get everything you want, and then you’ll just revert back to your base instincts…”

My question is, “Sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll… is that our base instincts?”

I mean. Sex is great, right?

If you’re lucky enough to have ‘unsimulated relations’ it’s the epitome of life. Best experience ever: a temporary feeling of heaven and ecstasy.

But right afterward, in the words of Sylvester Stallone as Demolition Man, “It leads to kids, smoking, and a desire to raid the fridge.”

All the things that genuinely begin killing us.

My argument is: Aren’t those desires really just parts of the whole experience that we’re lost in?

If yes, then what really are our base instincts?

What if say, we satisfied or eradicated the desire for sex and satisfaction and the immediate following desire for self-destruction?

I’m not saying that having kids is self-destructive… but hey, look at our planet.

Only kidding… no pun intended.

But, what would be left?

Sensors left untickled? Feelers unelongated? No reaching fingers? No sense for more? Desire snuffed? Silence? Peace?

Then what would sex be without a desire for it?

Replication without the sense of victory?

Strange to think of it that way.

As simple organisms, we replicated and produced to further our advantages to survive the environment. Pushed out into the future the best and least vulnerable parts of ourselves, those most likely to multiply the most.

But like, is there anything to overcome anymore by having children?

If we were a disciplined species, there wouldn’t be.

I mean, maybe we do need to keep replicating better byproducts to survive an unpredictable environment. But the environment is only unpredictable because we have advanced far enough to make it so.

And we were doing so well!

Now, you can always make the argument that earthquakes and other natural disasters are unpredictable, but we’ve even gotten pretty good at predicting those. It’s just us humans that are really unpredictable.

9/11 taught us that again.

We look at all of the tragic things that humanity has overcome and how we’ve handled them. Like natural disasters. We generally come together;
pray, clean-up, move on. Rebuild.

We don’t produce an earthquake machine and fire an earthquake back at earth for sending one our way. Why?

Because two wrongs don’t make a right? Right?

In the case of human disasters, like the holocaust for instance, how did we handle that?

War. Always war.

Humans are the only species who wage it against themselves.

So are we replicating our best genes into the future to survive our environment, or to survive ourselves?

Is society just a replica of our immune systems? Policing the bad eggs like white blood cells do foreign bodies? Eradicating them? Or does the body assimilate and re-assimilate those faulty cells into more useful ones?

Norway leads the way in rehabilitation of the incarcerated. There they have the lowest recidivism rates on Earth. That means that criminals who offend, aren’t likely to repeat an offense after their rehabilitation.

Norway, please raise my children!

Their justice system centers around a community based approach. To keep people connected to one another. The basis relies on studies that show that isolation leads to a revolving desire for more isolation.

I mean, do we really want to put someone in a box for five years with nothing to do to remind them how vivid and varied life can be by contrast? Does that give them more of a drive to live well?

Or would, say whipping someone every day for hours at a time for years, help someone to appreciate the day without pain enough to live that day well?

Or just shock’em! They’re not worth it anyhow. They’re just a waste of time.
Make more room for needless replication

I don’t know… Myself, I have always wanted to do something because I saw someone else doing it in a way that made me feel like I might want to be that guy…

I never wanted to be the guy being whipped, or the one doing the whipping…

Once I sat in in an interview with the State Fire Inspector and Fire Chief and one of two questions they asked to see if I would move onto the next level included,

“What is one thing that you think will never change about the fire and medical service?”

Being the EMT of the year for the state of Florida, naturally I answered in the most profound way,

“Empathy,” I said.

… I obviously didn’t say that or I would be working for the fire service this instant. I was not the man for that job.
But, it’s okay, I always knew that.

Truth is, I don’t know what I said, but I sure understand now how important empathy is.

It almost feels like life is trying to replace empathy with apps.

My wife and I are using this Love Language app that tells each other when our Love tank is full. We can nudge each other to update their status so that we can be aware if we should take out the trash, or do the laundry… maybe surprise the other with a hug.

Oh yeah, it’s great! We’re just connecting so much better — to our phones:)

I’m being sarcastic, which can be damaging if taken seriously. Anything goes in love and war. But let’s not war, okay? I tell my wife not to read my articles because they will only make things worse.

Relationships are the single most valuable thing we have in life. That’s the truth of it.

But, my commentary is only pointing out where things are headed. And if I don’t know any better, I’d say it’d be a hit in Japan before anywhere else…

But, what’s next? An app that points out what we’re doing wrong during sex?

Just watch your phone while they’re down there and touch the according stimulating areas of the image on your screen…
Your partner will get instant feedback and next-time know how better to pleasure you more like you would pleasure yourself…

I mean. We want each other to figure it out on their own eventually don’t we? Aren’t we that important to one another? To give each other enough time to do so?

What if our base instincts are love and giving?

I guess that might be too fruity?

Yeah, crotch shots are way better! We can thank Sharon Stone for those Basic Instincts.

But they do say not to believe everything you see in the movies.

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