Can You Write Without Writing?

Ask the writing desk

There was a boy whose head was full of books
but his brain was rocks

The more he thought he thought he could but
pick up a pen he’d not

Standing at a writing desk
feverish in thought

The wood begun to score itself

First a sentence
then a dot

Next a paragraph

Then through splinters and the knots
emerged a plot!

Then the finale


The boy stood there reading,
shaking stopped.

There you have it.

The first boy to craft a book and not make a single jot.

Written by Jay Horne whose most recent release Twits Do It Better is available on Amazon in Paperback, and on all mobile devices. Pick your favorite platform and download it now.

If experience really were the tell-tale sign of wisdom, Cecil would be a sage. But, as luck would have it, he was merely a Twit, and you know what they say about Twits.

Don't judge him by his glasses, those are for his nearsightedness.

A Twit is a bird who has stronger jaw muscles than his wings. They are nearly flightless. But if they could do the flying with their beaks, those birds could be carried on strings of adjectives and oxymorons to the ends of the Earth and beyond. Though, they wouldn't have much company, as no one prefers the companionship of those who don't know how to listen.

Just ask Cecil himself. He will be glad to tell you that he is not in a pot of stew, but rather in a warm bath, prepared by his loyal Duskins. There only happens to be root veggies and mouth-watering spices mixed into the broth...

... though it IS strangely hot!

Good thing birds of a feather flock together! Follow Cecil on his journey from Egypt to Terra Austris. Through chapped desert to deep sea, over the skies, and through disappointing encounters with familiar characters.

This Twit thinks love is for the birds- He may be right!

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