Everybody’s dangerous. Everybody’s dead. Everybody’s a job.

Warning: This article is emotionally fueled through my constant refusal to complain

Warning: This article is emotionally fueled through my constant refusal to complain

I spent ten years as an emergency medical technician. In that time I was awarded the star of life and EMT of the year for the state of Florida. I shook hands to the Thanks of governors and congressmen.

I also have been held at gunpoint by a burglar once, and a police officer three times. All four times were scary, I guess.

I spent more time listening and figuring out how to get the gun out of my face than I did wondering why the gun was pulled on me. I survived each time.

If a gun is pulled on me again, it’s likely to be due to an article like this, or something else I wrote. But, I won’t be worried about that then either.

Whipping around town in an ambulance, to the address of someone in need, every fifteen minutes and just after you’ve cleaned up the blood, vomit, and general mess of the last person can be rewarding. If you’re looking for penance, that is.

But when you are working a job, away from your own family, there isn’t a whole lot you are thinking of besides getting back to them at the end of the day. This, I do realize, is the major hiccup in today’s Policing.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just have an order of George Lucas’ Jedi to keep the peace? A force that really cared for doing good and noble deeds?

Is it time we had King Arthur return with his trusty mentor Merlin? Some say that those legends are true you know.

As a hippy teenager, in a hoodie and out after hours, it was no wonder that two policemen approached me with their guns drawn in search of someone who’d hijacked a vending machine. I probably looked like a shady character.

Oh, go on. You’re gonna start with the whole, “That isn’t the same as being black.”

Yeah, I was shady. I mean face it. Being black means you’re gonna be shady all of the time. It’s a damn shame, and it’s a stereotype. Shady until proven harmless.

Jokes aside. That’s the real issue though. It’s not always that some white cops want to treat people differently. They just have less of a guard up around white people. Which, in my opinion, means they aren’t being cautious enough. As far as I know, everyone is a shyster.

Kinda like the first days of Corona. Everywhere, no matter who you were, you trained the sights of your entire defensive arsenal at everyone else until tests came back proving sterility. Hell, I had a lady drag her protesting boyfriend out of an ice cream shop just because I had three kids with me.

How dare they assume we had that dirty virus! It’s downright insulting to look at my children that way and then treat us like some infected! I demand restitution!

This is supposed to be the land of the free. Where you can go out there, and trade your days for dollars, then you can go back home and trade those dollars for days of leisure with the ones you love. Where everyone has the same opportunity and ability to save twenty percent of their income rather than blow it on crap that makes them feel better and whine less.

I get it. Black lives matter. All lives matter. Don’t tell me I don’t get it!

I’ve been the one to take your toddler from you when her legs were chopped off under your lawn mower on accident. I’ve been the one to sit on the steps of your public housing project with your two teenage sons and stepson after your husband killed himself, and say,

“Dad’s dead, but you have each other, and Mom’s on the way. But don’t doubt his love for you, never doubt that.”

I’ve been the one to Face Time with my own daughter and son after hopelessly reviving their spitting image on another couple’s pool deck… I missed my kids growing up caring for yours! I get it!

But I also get frustrated that the world doesn’t get it. The world doesn’t get that those people, those EMTs, Paramedics, and yes, even those burnt-out police officers are fucking working! And they’re doing it for 12 bucks an hour.

I didn’t even watch the video because I don’t fucking care. You can go on the internet and watch people get killed in all varieties of ways, but I choose not to. Because, it pisses me off when I see a total disregard for life. So, why is the media deliberately thrusting that stuff right out in front of us?

How apparent is it that bad news should have to be searched for and good news should be globally available? It makes for a more peaceful world.

For God’s sake, let’s do George real justice by prosecuting the negligent asshole (if that is what is proven) and then nipping the compassion issue in the bud.

Image of Mother Theresa helping hands

What has to stop is that the people we rely on for compassion can’t rely on the world for a fair day’s wage. Would you spit in the face of the pope? How about mother Theresa? No!

Any decent person would provide such people with everything able! Why? Because that’s what they deal with while they serve- nurses included.

Give the goddamn EMTs, paramedics, nursing staff, and especially the police officers a decent pot to piss in! Hell, it’s easy, just treat them like firefighters!

You want someone compassionate? You want someone caring?

You could put a priest on every corner, and people would still get fondled. Probably because they’re all volunteer (Hey, ya gotta get what you’re owed in one perverted way or another).

You want someone who is present when they are doing the most important job on the planet? Treat all public servants like congressmen! Yes, even firefighters.

People doing those jobs should have absolutely nothing to worry about when they clock the f*$# out!

When they are on the clock they are in a perpetual state of service, except when they are in their firehouses or sitting in their cruisers and trucks awaiting a call. But even then, they must maintain professional aptitude in front of their peers.

What happens to a man that gets stuck in this profession which is truly just a tangled web of red tape? You go out there, try and be compassionate and empathetic, meanwhile you’re partnered with god knows who and what kind of day or year, or paycheck, they’ve had… and you are absolutely colorblind. But then, you run dead bodies, of all colors, out of ghetto after ghetto, where their own family members have left them to rot in a room alone for days, and your partners, both black and white, agree that those are worthless niggers.

You realize, that black or white, nigger really means the same thing. Someone who’s gave the fuck up because there’s no goddamn point anyhow. And that’s the worst kinda giving up. Really, it’s almost a superpower. It’s an I don’t care so much that instantly I believe everything is just god’s will. No wonder there are way more religious people of color!

Who was it that said,

“We’re going to the moon, not because it is easy, but because it is hard?”

image of JFK because it is hard

Whoever the fuck that was, had something. It’s hard to turn the other cheek! Two wrongs don’t make a right! Did the looters not have mothers? It was JFK who said that, I think. But, then again I have Google so I could just be another daft asshole!

These people out there are rioting. But, I don’t think they are rioting because of some back country racist values shit. I think they are rioting because the world doesn’t have its priorities straight!

Prioritize the light side first. Take life as a joke and go from there. What’s so dangerous about assuming someone isn’t out to get you first and foremost, really? Isn’t that real bravery?

If we keep raising our voices over one another, eventually the only place to find silence will be within. When really, within is the only place where the real storms should take place!

What’s black and white and red all over? Me, this instant, this article! Judge me!

We need to elevate people of peace and patient silence. Need I say, Sadghuru? The same people, swiftly execute them if they fuck up during service. But seriously, if you are treated like a congressman and then you treat someone you’re supposed to be serving like a shit sandwich, then call for accountability and use Just Culture. Because people do have bad days.

Point is, when you’re out there, on the job, whether it’s resuscitating the dead, calming those on PCP, or jailing an innocent kid for vending machine vandalism, it’s hard to treat them like their your own son if they don’t look like them; harder if they don’t act like them.

Perhaps the whole world should go Quiktrip, and card everyone for cigarettes no matter if they have a peg leg, tattoos on their face, and Merlyn’s twisted beard! Hell, I carded my own mother there once. Of course, she had none of the above. It’s the rules!

But the rules say I’m daft!

Well then, there’s a quick fix to all that fuss.

Just admit that you don’t know a god damn thing to begin with and you’ll avoid getting your knickers in a twist.

I’ll end with something I heard some Boss Cracker say a few years back.

(FYI: boss stands for stupid son of a bitch backwards, and they call ‘em crackers cuz they once cracked the whips)

Next time some black cop kills a white kid, I’m gunna loot Bass Pro Shops!

Let’s not let there be a next time… but can we really? Not unless you can tell the future. A wise man once said,

It’s not the emotion that was ever wrong, only one’s reaction to it!

Jay Horne is an author and publisher out of Bradenton, Florida who has shared a genuine interest in philosophy and writing since early childhood. He is a husband and father of four. Jay enjoys writing fiction, humor, horror, and teen & young adult.

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