Flight of the Navigator?

Anyone else here see a resemblance?

Anyone else here see a resemblance?

flight of the navigator
Images curated from Facebook

Now, I’m a skeptic.

But c’mon! If Sarah Jessica Parker doesn’t come climbing outta this thing, I’m not buying it!

I mean, how convincing do you have to be?

These guys already proved that the world was flat. That we’re just living on the remains of some prehistoric mining facility.

It’s only obvious that the aliens took all the good stuff and are just letting us regrow in the aftermath of all of their greed.
At least they’ve left us alone, for God’s sake!

If you can’t look at the Grand canyon and see that it was just a huge mining operation, then you’re blind as a Jehosaphat bat!

Explain to me what kind of volcanic eruption dries into a tree stump!

Devil’s Tower Tree Trunk
Devil’s Tower Tree Trunk photo by Flickr

Exactly, what kind of lava flow dries at right angles and in columns?

And you got me when I ask how you get a fossil of anything because I’m pretty sure biological material just disintegrates.

A petrified forest?!

You’re pulling my leg!

You’re telling me, that these tree trunks, turned into semi-precious stones, via what? Alchemy?

petrified cut wood
Petrified Wood picture via pixy.org

And what did they cut those firewood blocks with a million years ago?

I’ll tell you what they are!
They’re giant stalks of celery for those giant freaking lizards and people back then before the world went bad.

Maybe Adam and Eve were these universal Giants in the beginning under a giant freakin’ tree! Look at this guy, He’s found fossil evidence via satellite!

Then you have this Antikythera Mechanism, which is basically a 2000 year old computer used to foretell eclipses and the movement of the planets all while considering the Earth was the center of the Universe.
And it worked!

This thing’s tiny gears were finely machined like we do with Swiss watches nowadays, but 2000 years ago. So, what’s really possible?

For real though, Flight of the Navigator was a good ole movie. Whatever happened to that child actor, Joey Cramer, I wonder?

Maybe I can get an investor and go around logging (no pun intended) and measuring every plateau that is actually an old tree trunk. You know, see if they link up across the globe. That’d be a good use of a million dollars or so of federal funds, eh?

Of course, I would need some geologists. Some zoologists. Definitely some skeptics…

Or maybe this could just inspire a couple of us to go to college and get a degree in geology or biology before ever attempting to make such outlandish claims.

But hey, the world gave me Google, so I’m one-hundred percent certain that what I am seeing is real.

Isn’t it obvious that many of us have never had the pleasure of sitting in the company of an astronaut?

I think the greatest lesson to learn here is that people are so self-involved that they fail to listen to other people’s stories, or to tell their own.

If we made prominent people with real experiences more accessible to the masses, people could get a clearer view.

But once the fame and fortune is achieved, everyone hides.
Not saying I wouldn’t do the same. But is that really gonna get us anywhere as a people?

Ah, well.

For now, it’s been worth a heck of a laugh!
True or not?

You decide and we’ll talk about it.

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