On the move

On the move

Life is the purpose of the Universe.

Too many scientists are spending money trying to spark the first living organism. Everyone wants to know how it all started. Under what conditions? Etc.

The fact that everything is in motion. From the sand to the stars. Tells us that the whole process was started to sustain life.

You don’t start life somewhere on a lava hot planet, spurting steam and being blasted with asteroids.

You don’t start life in a test tube, and then ship it airmail to Earth from Sirius as a seed ship.

You start life as an idea of being more than a sleeping body.

You start life in your dreams.

You wake up one day and start figuring it out, because life is a miracle, not a question.

Life is amazing, until it is awesome.

It’s awesome until it is curious.

Life is curious until it is scary.

Life is scary until it is beautiful.

Then Life is just Life.

It’s something we have been given, even if it’s just one more second…

And it’s fragility and beauty make it amazing all over again.

And then you see others who are in different stages of their view on life…

And you’re thankful to be reminded by them that it has been such a journey.

And God must be tired of not being able to look his self in the face without killing his offspring.

It’s okay God.

You don’t have to look. But if you peek, it’s okay, we understand. Beauty is hard to stare away from.

You just stand there and look away and have faith in us.

We will do our best to always have your back…

And if… Just if… You ever come up on us from behind in this long, long, journey across the cosmos…

Just whisper to us.

Warn us not to turn around.

And gently remind us that you have our backs if it gets dark ahead.

And I promise Lord, I will not look back and burn you up, though I have longed my entire life to see the whole beauty and glory and knowledge that it is you.

I got your back.

You got mine.



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