The Alchemy of Time

To leave or to stay?

To leave or to stay?

Is one really making a choice when the hour of his destiny falls upon him?

Pitching in the throes of stroke — held fast by surgeons whose competence is questionable…

But why transverse?

To step through the temporary veil of ownership and self-indulgent creativity? Because it IS temporary, you know?

Many men have looked up, weary, from the alchemist’s table, after years of attempting transmutation of lead into gold…

…and they find their loved ones grown older — their lives past.

Their oldest memories most valuable.
Their furthest memories, most fondly treasured.
Their most prominent memories only of business.

Those most prominent memories of tarrying away at dreams while Love grew forgotten.

Step through. Continue to self-indulge, to dream.
It is only temporary after all

But remember those most fond times, those Sacrifices.

For, all of this business of Instant Happiness has not truly been wasted.

Treasure is THERE, now, just beyond your self-indulgent choices — You have put it there for the getting!

Do not shun your most prominent memory as it will trans mutate to neglect.

Instead, value your fondest recollection and re-member:

The richest things have the most history behind them.

…and the greatest alchemist is TIME.

Jay Horne is an author and publisher out of Bradenton, Florida who has shared a genuine interest in philosophy and writing since early childhood. He is a husband and father of four. Jay enjoys writing fiction, humor, horror, and teen & young adult.

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