The Mycology of Flow

Fluid Consciousness

Fluid Consciousness

mycology of flow
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God floated over the surface of the deep.

Consciousness exists in a fluid dynamic structure. Fluidity was, in fact, the first and base element in physical creation.

If you find yourself…

It will be in water.

In the womb, there was water surrounding you.

In order for you to move, your surroundings must move.

A bubble forms inside of fluid. This is how life begins.

That bubble divides.


Foam the water…

Lighten up.

There is another type of fluid.
That which we call space.
The empty.
The least dense stuff.

It is not the solids, the matter, that moves. It is the emptiness which moves the solids around.

Cells, for instance, replicate by more emptiness being injected into them. Like a bubble forming underwater when a syringe of air is pumped in.

God is a kid in a bathtub

He takes us like rubber duckies and plunges under the surface of the deep, while he looks down at the water.

He plays with us down there. Sometimes marching us around with other toys of his.

Then when he let’s us go we float back to the surface until he grabs us once again and plunges us below for more fun…

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