An Ode to the Shy

Why don’t we speak up? What is there to lose?

Why don’t we speak up? What is there to lose?

Shy child
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I am not a likeable guy.

I mean. I have no friends so it isn’t brain surgery to figure it out.

I never wanted to be an unlikable person.

In fact, it may have been my greatest fear.

Maybe that is why I was always so shy as a kid.

I just didn’t want to say something that had already been said, and turn out to be boring. Say something that was wrong, and turn out to be dumb. Or say something that was smart, and turn out to be wrong.

Instead, out of fear, I said nothing at all and turned out to be uncharismatic, I guess.

I don’t want the same for my son. I want him to feel free to say anything and know that I love him and for him to feel original — cool.

There has to be tons of people who have turned to drugs or alcohol in an attempt to find a scapegoat for their own voids of personality.

I mean, it’s fine if you don’t like me if I can later blame it on the alcohol. Then, at least, I don’t have to admit that I was boring, or wrong… or dumb.

It was the alcohol.

The truth is, it’s not you I’m worried about not liking me. It’s me.

It just seems like it will take an endless amount of practice and variety to ever be cool.

I mean, I have to learn sly and tactful comebacks in one company and then use them in another company if I ever really want to be seen as an original, right?

Or can I come up with quirky comebacks of my own?

Am I that creative?

The good news is, that we are all the sons and daughters of the most creative one of all.
And in his likeness we have been crafted.

Every seed becomes a flower in time.

Jay Horne is an author and publisher out of Bradenton, Florida. He is a husband and father of four.
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