I came to Milwaukee as a travel writer and cardiac monitor technician and became a nomad. Dread Pirate Roberts, here I come!
I had such great posture when I came out of basic training, but the years have slowly pulled my shoulders forward, and sent my gaze back to my less than…
Available Halloween 2021
I was just a little thing. Suck and pee and poop. The lights were dim. The Sound was loud. Every now and then a droop. Wailing brought the watering…
To boldly go, is to go boldly where no man has before, whether into the thicker font of a more deeply dipped pen, or into the throes of various venereal…
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Where did the last year go?
If You Can Run, You Can Write
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The Secret of Desire and how to Forge your Smiles into Riches
Short Story | Children’s Horror
Don’t judge me when I say I can sometimes get jealous of Jesus. Maybe it’s one of those things where you hear someone’s name so often you just get tired…